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Review of Kabbage

Overall Experience
Customer Service
I can honestly say that Kabbage provides assistance when you most need it. After simply providing information about who we are and what we do as a business, Kabbage qualified us for a loan based on our operations. The amount was enough to allows us to expand and grow as a business. Yes, there are fees, but it's the risk they must take by helping us businesses. One thing that definitely blew me away was their PayPal connection that allows you to receive funds instantly; I believe they've come out with their own MasterCard, which I've yet to enroll with. The structure on how to repay them is straightforward and there are no penalty payments when you wish to pay a little extra each month. Customer service is knowledgeable and is available when you have questions. Overall, my experience with Kabbage is above average and would recommend them to anyone who cannot go through a traditional bank and wants to avoid those high interest capital advances. Thank you Kabbage for supporting small businesses!