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Review of Dharma Merchant Services

Overall Experience
Customer Service
Ease of Use
Credit cards run fine, the FD130 terminal is fine. But the pinpad ( FD35 ) that we added later, does NOT work as a pinpad. I can not insert client's card into my terminal, and have it prompt for a pin that will be accepted via the pinpad. The FD35 prompts clients to do things that only causes confusion. This "PIN PAD" actually is a remote card reader, more useful with embedded POS systems, as you find in a supermarket. This is not what I ordered, nor was this explained to me.Questions seem to elicit a hail Mary reply, of "That is how we get you such great pricing" rather than taking the issue seriously, and having a person in a level of authority discuss it without the spin on why I am wrong.The REPORTS for transactions, both the BATCH reports and STATEMENTS do not work to easily proof out. I need reports that are complete for the daily batch, so I can match items to my sales one for one. Tech support was VERY helpful, but only in explaining a workaround that is tedious and incomplete.Funding of batches sometimes is split. Even a single transaction can be funded in two different batches. This will cost me dearly as I pay hourly to a book keeper to reconcile my bank statements. Batches should fund complete. Not get parsed out all over the place.I still can not get the equivalent of a batch report ( the one that is printed daily from my counter-top terminal, in an online report, nor a similar one for my Clover-Go device.The Clover-Go device displays the card type and Authorization code in approx 1 pt type size, virtually unreadable without sticking your face into the device. There is no reason that info should be virtually unreadable.Account Support from Dharma is decent, but only during bankers hours.IT is a shame I had to leave my last processor, as they used USAEPAY, which was the most elegant mobile offering, from front to back end I have ever used. Dharma USED to use USAEPAY, but someone else was cheaper. probably MARGINALLY cheaper. So they switched.Sometimes, quality costs slightly but not necessarily a lot more. Sometimes quality is more efficient, and ultimately costs less,All of these issues are probably minor programming adjustments. Some features should be user settings, to display and print reports with the information most needed.