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Review of iCIMS Recruit

Tina (Zebarth) Sivilli

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
ICIMS is a very robust system and has alot of capabilities, add-ons and overall functionality. ICIMS is highly configurable and allows for custom fields to be added. Additionally, ICIMS provides a foldering system that allows you to organize your jobs, but locations, manager, etc. ICIMS has a great reporting feature that is also highly customizable. Its a little complicated to use, but customer service can help you compose a basic report and add in all of the other fields you'd like to see. The ICIMS product also offers a library for requisitions, which provides easy reference to common labor categories or descriptions that you often use. It allows for copy and edit of existing requisitions to quickly open a new position. Email tracking through ICIMS is easy to use, and tracks both your outgoing and incoming emails. This creates a great historical record to get a status of what happened years back with candidates. They do a great job with training modules that you can revisit at any point. They also have printable help guides.
What does the company not do well?
ICIMS doesn't have a direct feed to, posted positions may take up to 4 days to show on the indeed system. ICIMS also doesn't direct feed to any of the unemployment websites, which makes you non-compliant for AAP/OFCCP unless you manually repost all of your positions to those website. Requisitions are very difficult to post in ICIMS with the primary issue being a consistent font. Once you edit or copy a requisition, there were multiple fonts, even after editing and revising would often appear unprofessional in the postings. They do have functionality that they added that has improved this, but it is still a huge time waster and an issue. Screening questions don't actually screen out applicants, instead you have to mire through lots of applicants to see that they don't meet minimum qualifications. Closing out candidates in ICIMS is a nightmare. You have to close them out against the requisition, and again as a candidate. These two separate profiles never quite come together for ICIMS. Also, while they have lots of functionality, you will be nickeled and dimed for social media and most new updates. There is a cost to add new recruiters, but hiring managers were unlimited, but have very limited access. Customer service is hit or miss. Some are great, and some are terrible....
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
If I knew the flaws in the system, it would allow me to plan for more manpower to post jobs and update our website for AAP/OFCCP compliance. I also wish I knew that the company would not automatically update forms when the laws changed, or new documentation was required. Prior to an update, the system would have errors, and candidates couldn't complete an application. The system works, it is just clunky, expensive and has very poor customer service.
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