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Review of Dayforce HCM

Matt LeMaire, B.A., M.A.

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
Dayforce HCM is a full-featured platform that integrates a great deal of functions into one package. Overall, Dayforce works well as an HRIS and payroll software, with additional features that you may or may not use. Overall, the process to use Dayforce as a tool for productivity and record-keeping is fairly straightforward, making it very easy to use once you get used to its interface. We've found that as an HRIS, it is highly functional and has made our onboarding process and employee records a seamless and interactive experience. Payroll has been simplified, decreasing the amount of time we need to get it done. Additionally, functions like recruitment, performance management, projects and even benefits management are fantastic to have all in one location. While we do not use all of them at all times, the process to use them is relatively simple, but may require some extra work to truly master.
What does the company not do well?
Being a Silverlight-based system is unfortunate, as the system can be prone to crashes and doesn't offer full functionality across operating systems (such as if I need to access Dayforce via my iPad). While this is not an overly common issue as we have worked with Ceridian, it's a bit of a concern given the different OS's and browsers that do not support Silverlight out-of-the-box. The system is vast as well, and in some instances, you think you know something, only to find out that there's another step involved. Some aspects of the backend don't seem to work with each other as well you'd hope, which presents issues when trying to get things done. With that said, Dayforce support is quick to help solve an issue and get things going again. Ultimately, be prepared to invest some time if you really want to realize the true potential of Dayforce.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
Two things stand out: (1) Dayforce is in some ways, a work in progress. I wish we had known that while Dayforce can do a lot of great things, there are some things that due to the way that the system is designed, just don't work the way you'd expect, which can be frustrating. (2) For all of the effort that it saves for administrative staff, managers are often spending too much time verifying punches and time clock issues compared to our previous system. Over time, this has become less of an issue as we work on a standardized process, but it's far too cumbersome for something that should be very quick and to the point. As with any solution, presenting specific to your organization questions and requesting relevant examples/demonstrations will help you assess whether this option is the best for you.
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