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Review of Revel Systems

Mohan Pandit

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Ease of Use
Customer Service
Overall Experience
What does the company do well?
Phone support is generally quite good - they have three tiers of support, advancing you through tiers as earlier agents are unable to solve problems. Simple app layout, reasonable intuitive use albeit lacks significant functionality for a table side service business.
What does the company not do well?
(1) Updates and syncing issues - revel updates their apps almost every 2-3 days, and we have 4-5 iPads in our establishment - if one iPad doesn't update to the latest iOS w/ apple, and then revel updates are automatically pushed, the iPads don't sync and our servers/floor manager have to update in the middle of service. On two occasions updates were pushed to one iPad, pulled from the App Store and we were left without functioning iPads. Their system goes down regularly and we often get "Cannot Connect to Main". I'd say I've spend in the last 8 months since we started using them, probably a total of 150 hours on their revel support phone-in system. Some of their reps are fantastic who really understand the system well. But we had IP issues and had to reconfigure the network settings, etc many many times, which doesn't seem logical for a static set-up. With a technical background, navigating the process has been easy. Without a computer background, the process is going to be frustrating. Revel will go down, regularly. Off-line functionality is not preserved as advertised. We chose revel because of offline functionality - never worked in 10 months, and on 2 occasions when our ISP went down, we were locked out of revel as it attempted to 'download products, etc'. As a brewery, we have a table side service and retail side - revel doesn't do as good a job as touch bistro on the table side, or as good a job on the retail as square. Ultimately, we're switching to Touch Bistro after a brief demo. Seat management is not as effective as touch bistro. Cost - for the price you're paying (we pay 600 CAD a month), we get a system which is constantly down, and servers/management so afraid to touch the system/refresh because of repeat outages. Reliabilty - we need a reliable POS during a friday/saturday night
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
Didn't integrate in Canada to quickbooks, surprising for a company that offers integration! Promised integration with Moneris as a payment processor - only hardwire integration was advised after start-up, so cash outs are the same problem as every other POS/payment processor. Basically, for a company that hopes to revolutionize payment taking/processing, it fails to be innovate and often misses basic functionality. How can you miss payment processor integration? It's the key to transforming the 'end of day' shift process to simplify the server 'cash out' process. Revel was not the revolutionary product we had hoped. For the price you end up paying, choose a reliable POS.
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