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Review of MHelpDesk

Kenyata Garner

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
If you're looking for a program that can help manage, organize, and store customer and business information, professionally and with ease, MHelpDesk would be a great choice. MHeldDesk provides an easy way to gather, store, and locate a companies pertinent customer information while also providing these features securely and without fear of lost info or information being shared with unwanted parties. This is essential for both small businesses and even larger companies as it provides a smooth running, easy to use and operate database for billing, orders, refunds, account history, calendar's and account verification options in accordance to your companies structure. Verification such as addresses/passwords etc, provides a great form of security especially for frontline employees using and operating the system. Overall the program is essential for both business and client needs, allowing your company to run more smoothly and professionally.
What does the company not do well?
There are a few times when the MHelpDesk customer service is hard to get ahold of which can be contributed to many factors including high volume on their end which happens. There have also been times when the program is running sluggish or "crashes," which can cause a lapse in the ability to locate customer info speedily, however those issues are relatively few and far between and can be easily fixed without losing customer files/folders/calendar updates etc. It's more of a minor inconvenience than a major issue.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
If there is an option for a trial basis, I would personally suggest trying it out first before purchasing. Spend a little time running the program and getting to know the ins and outs prior to just jumping in head first. This is time you could use for training and finding out if MHelpDesk is right for your business as well as building your customer files etc.