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Review of 3dcart

Greg Aanes

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
Excellent ecommerce site with full product option customization. Pricing and customer management is good. Page Load speed is excellent on 3dCart. While templates available are good, there is a huge number of third party temps available for free or cheap. The advanced Product Options template is a must for anyone with a complex set of options. Tis easy to use and works well. Looked at having eCommerce pages on our Weebly site but the options are not there and we are option heavy. We have several hundred products, each with five to ten options. Our product combinations are complex enough to where the customer submits the order with no payment and we review it and send out an invoice with a payment link on it (Zoho), so can't speak to the payment integration. Other platforms had some quirky pricing dependent on how many sales were made through their own processor, 3dCart has very fair and straightforward pricing.
What does the company not do well?
As is common with cloud apps there is a lag while editing it. Currently we use Weebly for the content page of our site and redirect to 3dCart for shopping, but it would be most desirable to have all pages on one server. I didn't realize the advantages to hosting all the pages on one server until I was well into the project. Probably can be done by a pro. There are several consulting firms who could probably set it up. I would like better product mangement. Currently it works fine, just a bit slow to click through.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
Not much, I gave all the big four a try plus one meg big and expensive sit. 3dCart filled all our requirements, did not have requirements to use their CC processor, and had any necessary extensions. All platforms work similarly., makes me wonder if its the same developer which created them all. Different methods to deal with options between platforms. Spent a coupla grand on one big ecommerce site (ShopBot) and didn't see that it did anything more for me and was a full time job to learn and manage. Save your money on the biggies.
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