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Review of ShippingEasy

Bryan Berg

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Overall Experience
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Customer Service
What does the company do well?
At its core, Shipping Easy acts as a hub for all your shipping needs from various channels. I use them mainly to calculate and compare rates among carriers for my website and ebay, and I may someday expand into Amazon. No matter where the orders come from, Shipping Easy pulls them all together onto a single screen where they are easily managed. From there, you enter package weight and dimensions, select your shipping carrier and service, and print the shipping label. Shipping Easy includes an account with Endicia that connects with your bank account to instantly fund shipping purchases. I use a Dymo scale that connects to my computer via USB to automatically enter package weight, and I print labels with a Zebra 4"x6" label printer. Taken all together, I'm very happy with my shipping system, and Shipping Easy is at the center of this efficient setup. If you're tired of cutting and taping ebay's clumsy shipping labels, buy a good 4"x6" label printer and sign up with Shipping Easy. Shipping is my favorite part of running my e-commerce business from home!Customer service is personal, usually immediate, and top-notch, during standard business hours.In addition to shipping features, they also can help with inventory management, customer email campaigns, and doubtless other helpful tasks that I am not even aware of yet. To their credit, they have called me a number of times to help me get started with their customer contact tool, but I have always been too busy to do their on-screen walkthrough. I'm kicking myself, because this is probably a really profitable feature, so I really must make some time to try a campaign.
What does the company not do well?
My only criticisms are these, and they are both fairly minor for my use of Shipping Easy: (1) I think their support (phone and chat) are not staffed on the weekends or later in the evenings. In two years there have been one or two times that I wanted to get Monday's shipping ready on Sunday night, for example, and I have run into some minor problem that required help and had to wait until Monday morning. I prepare shipments at odd hours though and by no means am I a 9-5 guy, so this "complaint" is most likely peculiar to me and won't affect most other Shipping Easy users. And, in fact, if they staffed their support at all hours--many of these hours impractical for standard business needs--they would no doubt have to charge more to pay the staff, so I'm happy to have a lower price and support that is available during reasonable business hours, even if my Bohemian tendencies leave me stranded sometimes. (2) I wish Shipping Easy had an at-a-glance comparison table that could be viewed for each order once you enter the weight and dimensions of the package. (Address, btw, imports automatically from your store.) To my knowledge, you have to select each carrier, then each service from dropdown menus to see this info. Maybe this doesn't matter when you're talking about small items under 1lb. (I find that USPS is always the runaway winner for this) but when you've got a 7lb. 16"x12"x12"parcel that needs to go to Toronto by Tuesday, it would be great to see the offerings from USPS, FedEx, and UPS all at once. Maybe that's difficult because each carrier has their own insurance options and premium services (like delivery confirmation) but if there's a way to do this, I would encourage Shipping Easy to incorporate this into their fine product.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
Honestly, my surprise has been good: I'm amazed at how much more Shipping Easy does than I was aware of at signup. It may yet turn out that their customer contact management and inventory management capabilities will save me quite a lot of money each month and boost sales! That all seems above and beyond the call of duty on the part of Shipping Easy, so I remain a happy customer and am pleased when they draft their monthly fee from my account, because they really do earn it.