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Review of Line2

Call Quality/Dependability
Overall Experience
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
As far as virtual phone systems go, Line2 is easy to use. After signing up, you’re presented with a list of phone number options for your business. You can choose a toll-free number or find one with a local area code. The dashboard is self-explanatory, even if you’ve never used a virtual phone like this before. We set up the auto attendant in a few minutes. You can click a button on the desktop app to record your attendant greeting. The Line2 operator calls your new phone number, and you record the greeting from your phone. When you’re finished, the recording appears on the browser-based dashboard. You can also upload a pre-recorded message, if you’d prefer. The Line2 Widget will live on your website and it allows customers to send texts to your phone through the Line2 app. This helps you stay in constant contact with your customers, which can help improve your business’ customer support. We like that Line2 offers a seven-day trial for either of its plans, so you can test out every feature before committing to the service. Cancelling after the trial, or subscribing, is easy, too, because there’s a link on your dashboard for both options.
What does the company not do well?
The sound quality of Line2 is a little hit or miss. Beware: When recording our greetings for the auto attendant and voicemail, the sound quality seemed awful. Thankfully, the quality came out clear once it hit our dashboard. Still, it’s difficult to understand Line2 when it calls you. Also, it was a small annoyance, but after recording a greeting, the app bounces you out of your dashboard. Whether it’s a bug or a feature, we’re unsure. Placing a call was also a little confusing, at first. We placed a call to a number through Line2, and it took a while to connect, but once it did, it brought up a window with a phone number we didn’t recognize with the option to call or cancel. The first few times, we cancelled, as it seemed the app was forcing us to call a different phone number than what we dialed. It seems this is the phone number Line2 uses to make calls from an iPhone. Customer support was less than ideal. The first question we asked through the chat app on the website was answered quickly. Every question we asked after that was either ignored or not received.
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
On the surface, it seems like an affordable option for a small company that needs a business line, but there are some hidden costs and information. International calls are not free — you must pay a rate that’s set by Line2 for any outgoing international texts and calls. Texts are $0.10 each, and call rates vary by country. Line2 claims to offer virtually unlimited local calls, and what that really means is you have to fall within the average usage per month. You get unlimited inbound calls, but you are limited to 5,000 outbound minutes. Go over that, and you’ll be charged $0.02 cents per minute. Read the Terms of Service carefully, as a handful of legitimate businesses may not be able to make use of Line2 services, depending on the services or products they sell. Most of that information is either buried in the ToS, or we had to ask a customer support agent. Transparency from Line2 could be better.
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