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Review of Botkeeper

Enrico Palmerino

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Hi Amy, I'm the CEO of botkeeper and would be happy to speak with you. I feel it is unfair for you to say customer service is bad when in fact you are not a customer. In fact, our clients have dedicated lines to customer service and enjoy customer service and support 24/7. That said, when it comes to media or review inquiries we prioritize such inquisitions last and therefore you may not have been able to get ahold of someone at botkeeper as quick as you would have liked. As you can imagine, we have hundreds of vendors and media companies calling botkeeper all the time to sell us services etc. We filter out these communications and prioritize them last in terms of importance...a company that truly values customer service and support always puts the customer first. If you would like to speak with me about botkeeper or discuss our 5 star client rating and learn what it is truly like to be a customer of botkeeper and enjoy our 5 star customer experience service (not media relations) please call me at your earliest convenience and I would be happy to provide additional details. My direct line is 617 648 2401. Kindest, Enrico Palmerino, CEO botkeeper.
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