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Review of ProspectNow

Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
ProspectNow is a searchable database of real estate throughout the United States, and it includes tools to help you find, contact, and market to sellers, borrowers, and more leads. Its focus used to be commercial properties, but it’s also suitable for finding residential homes.The guided search makes it incredibly simple to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s commercial, industrial, or residential property. Based on your search criteria and filters, the software weeds out properties in good standing and shows you, for example, properties owned by those who are on their third loan and might be ready to sell. The algorithms used can help you home in on those most likely to sell to you, an investor.You can sign up for a free trial to test out the software, and all it requires is a little information from you. For more functionality, you’ll have to give up payment information, but you can cancel in that three-day window, so you aren’t charged the monthly fee.ProspectNow’s CRM is helpful if you don’t already have a CRM you use. Otherwise, the data is most useful to you if you export it and then import it to a more functional CRM.Customer support from ProspectNow is handled by sales and tech staff, and they answer phone calls quickly. Every question I had for the rep I spoke with was answered honestly and to the best of his ability. He even gave me tips on how to find the best properties for what I need.
What does the company not do well?
The interface of ProspectNow is a bit outdated, which makes it difficult to know where to click next to access certain features. The dashboard isn’t laid out well, so you have more than one click to get to pipelines, tasks, the activity monitor, or your contacts within the CRM portion of this software.You can get a free trial of ProspectNow to see for yourself how it functions, but many of the features are disabled, so you’ll have to pay to find out the quality of leads from this service. Many users who have commented about ProspectNow’s leads said the phone numbers they got from property searches were disconnected (up to 50 percent).Any marketing you want to do through ProspectNow costs extra. So, an ad with a limit of 5,000 views to 500 properties that are poised to sell will cost you $149 more per month (on top of your $89 monthly subscription). And speaking of that $89 fee: That’s only for one county of properties. If you need access to more areas, you’ll have to pay $10 more per month per county. Also, you’re limited to 500 leads each month, which is, well, limiting.There are no third-party integrations I could find, and that was confirmed by the rep I spoke with, so what you’re mostly paying for here is a database of leads. To make this system work with anything else, you’ll have to get an API key and know a thing or two about coding (or know someone who does).
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
Although ProspectNow doesn’t advertise itself much as CRM, it is present and part of its list of features. The CRM is cumbersome and not as helpful as other real estate CRMs I’ve tested. It wasn’t immediately apparent to me that I was limited to 500 leads per month, which seems like a small number. It was nice to find out through testing the product, though that ProspectNow includes addresses, phone numbers, and loan information, which helps narrow your search to find sellers who are ripe for the picking (especially helpful for real estate investors).