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Review of PayPal Here

Norah Mutio

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What does the company do well?
Paypal is a payment gateway or a payment platform with advantages and disadvantages. The things that I like most about PayPal are: the transfers that are made usually take place immediately, regardless of the distance from which it is made, another advantage is the possibility of exchanging currencies from dollar to euro and vice versa with its respective change of moment and allows us to make transactions with people whose currency of use is the euro, another advantage is the convenience of opening an account that, except for a bank, you need an email, of course, when verifying the account to make movements older is necessary other requirements, and finally among the things I like is the ease with which the money is sent, only the mail that is associated with the paypal account is necessary and the amount to transfer with that is enough to make the transference.
What does the company not do well?
Despite the advantages that paypal has, there are certainly disadvantages that must be taken into account when using this payment platform, both to make a payment and to receive it, the first thing I do not like is that to have sums of relatively large money is necessary to verify the account and this verification depends on entering a credit card of the currencies that are handled here, that is, someone without a credit card is deprived of taking full advantage of paypal, the second thing that sometimes is conditional to use this platform are the commissions that in my opinion are quite high, the commissions will always depend on the amount of money you want to transfer and is always deducted from the money transferred, if I spend $ 25 to a person, that person will receive $ 25 less commission for the transfer. And the third and last disadvantage in my opinion is the most important thing is that there is something called a dispute, and that is when someone who sent money wants to recover it for the same reason, but the problem is that sometimes this process is used by malicious people and The truth is that a high percentage of disputes always win the people who send the money.
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?