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Review of PeopleFluent

Daniela Rubio

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What does the company do well?
I used PeopleFluent when I worked in the HR department at R/GA. It was very useful when onboarding, as when I first started onboarding was done manually (we had to give all the paperwork out via email, hand check it for errors, sometimes the errors were missed and employees didn't respond, inputting all the information) and the process took so much for the HR department's time. Once we started using PeopleFluent, the implementation took some time, but it really took the onboarding process off our hands, and we could really focus on improving employee experience!Another thing I really liked about it was assessing employee performance. There were some points were some teams weren't doing so great and had to let go of some team members in order to stay within budget. PeopleFluent had good tools to maintain impartial and assess someone's performance and decide their employment based of that - not whether they were liked or not.The last thing I liked was that it was easy to keep track of all of our data in one place. Before, we kept everything in Sharepoint and in our shared drive - which was good, but not amazing. It's great to know that all of it is consolidated and safe in one place.
What does the company not do well?
Getting back to you when there are problems, customer service, etc.
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