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Review of TurboTenant

Nikia Morris

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On 1/24/19, I applied, along with a co-applicant, to a property via TurboTenant site. After waiting about 2 weeks, there was no update to our application. We decided to check back on the site for additional info or a # to call, as at the time of applying, we were notified that we would hear back within a certain time frame. At that time to going back, the status of the property had changed (as is the current status) to not available. "The property is not available to show, it is undergoing major renovations. The photos are of another property that has a similar renovation..." This information was not previously on the site when we applied, but was added AFTER we applied and our applications fees cleared. The site does not even allow you to apply to properties unless said property is available. THIS IS FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY! I have contacted the landlord, as well as TurboTenant, in early Feb 2019 to have this addressed, with no resolve. I reached out again today via email requesting that my application fee be refunded, as services were not rendered. I was told that I should have contacted the landlord before applying to make sure the property was "still available and a good fit" as if I hadn't done my due diligence or followed the instructions of the site. Isn't it the company's responsibility that they use credible landlords and remove listings that are no longer available BEFORE taking someone's application fee?? I will not use this site again, nor will I recommend others to do so.
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
I wish that I had seen the poor reviews and knew that customer service was non-existent.
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