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Review of FieldEdge

Ian Olow

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What does the company do well?
The look of FieldEdge and flow is great. Handles customer communications, dispatching, maintenance plans,
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
Have been in this exact situation. Our company came to a screeching halt for 24 hours because we could not access our dispatch board to see what calls we had booked. Could not access customer information when they called in to see if they even were an existing customer, or if they had a maintenance plan. Now, any time we get a notification that they will be doing an update, we take a screenshot of our dispatch board so we can at least keep the technicians/installers moving. I believe they have come up with a way that allows you to at least be able to see your current database and dispatch board, you just can't add/edit anything as it is just a "snapshot" of your database.