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Review of TimeCamp

Edward McCallister

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the software or service do well?
I believe that TimeCamp is a platform capable of offering great things to any user, and ensuring that each employee can have the ability to measure their work time and have an optimal project collaboration. What most struck me about this platform are the following factors: - It has a great accuracy when it comes to measuring the time invested in the creation of projects, this achieves that you can have an adequate order and you can have a deeper study at the time of completing the projects. - It has a perfect platform to synchronize it with other services of project creation, in this way you can have a much more renewed work. - It has really affordable prices for any company, this makes any user can access the purchase of any of the work plans.
What does the software or service not do well?
TimeCamp is a very complete platform, and it gives really moving results, in this way it allows a positive experience for the user at all times, however, there are several factors which I consider negative and that in one way or another, must be fixed to allow the user to have a more complete use. These factors are: - Integrates with Gravatar to allow profile modification. This function does not really give me positive results, since the fact of uploading my profile picture to this platform, took a lot, the process was quite slow and I had to make several attempts to be successful. - Its use in the mobile phone application is quite limited, which means that it is not possible to have a correct time during the creation of projects.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
I was delighted to know that this platform would not have a correct use or a successful use from my mobile device, since this has caused my work or use with this platform to be a bit limited. On the other hand, it should be noted that I would like a much more complete, renewed application that allows sophisticated use to be implemented.
Have you used a competitor to the software or service? If so, how does it compare?
I chose this platform because, unlike others, it gives me the ability to synchronize it with many more project creation platforms, this has allowed me to have several platforms at hand to create presentations.
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