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Review of Azlo

Ryan Husk

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Incredibly disappointing. While this company identifies itself as being there to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, they back the basic back end tools to help entrepreneurs when it comes to one of the most challenging part of being a business owner: getting paid. We had a miscommunication with a client. They expressed payment via ACH, but their team sent a check. We had financial commitments based on expected payment. When we received the check, it was despited the afternoon of the June 18th. We were told funds would not be available until June 27th. Nine days. I wasn't looking for the full amount, simply 1/5 of the funds to ensure we were able to deliver on what we asked of the client. Here's where I'm dumbfounded, every customer service rep I spoke to wanted to help me. They had no way to release the funds. They don't me they don't have technical features to release the funds after their automated system determines how long to place a hold. I understand there's inherent risk when it comes to taking checks. With a standard institution, they can call the bank that issued the check, verify funds, then release the funds. It's simple. Azlo has over-automated to the point where their customer service representatives, manager, and leadership team (despite wanting to help) don't have the tools to do so. An algorithm is the sole decision maker when it comes to when my check clears. That is a problem. Their team could not offer me any options aside from continuing to deposit checks and eventually they will be cleared sooner. There may not be fees here, but not giving access to cash that has been deposited is significantly more detrimental to our business.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
Insanely long holds on checks
Have you used a competitor to the software or service? If so, how does it compare?
Literally any other bank will offer a better experience.