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Review of Adobe Presenter

Rabbi Jason Miller

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Overall Experience
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What does Adobe Presenter do well?
Sorry Microsoft, but PowerPoint is so last century. Adobe Presenter is ideal for allowing anyone already familiar with PowerPoint to convey reasonably simple and short content asynchronously. I found the GUI to be strong and it allows you to quickly (and relatively easily) create quiz questions for a presentation. You can publish it to your company's Adobe server and you have the option to record audio within its own PowerPoint ribbon or import/sync audio created outside of Presenter.
What does Adobe Presenter not do well?
I wouldn't substitute this for an e-learning platform, but it's very strong for educators and lecturers. I have used it to teach large classes as well as for online learning environments.
What do you wish you had known about Adobe Presenter before using?
I didn't realize the ability this software had to create quizlets, but those are quite effective for teaching as well.
Have you used a competitor to Adobe Presenter? If so, how does it compare?
I used to use PowerPoint (who didn't?) and this is a more robust option.