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Review of Robly

Anggi Cordero

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Robly do well?
Ease of use: Robly is handled in the same way that Microsoft Office does, which makes it very easy to use with very little training. The editing tools are clear and well designed, and the process of creating a mass email is presented step by step, which helps ensure that no steps are missed. Excellent customer service: we changed to Robly due, among other things, to its excellent customer service. Questions are answered promptly and there are excellent online support services that include instructional videos, knowledge-based publications, online chat and email. It is always easy to interact with Robly, either to solve a payment flaw or to learn how to use a platform function. Competitive price. We are a small nonprofit organization, so the cost is an important factor for us. Robly offers a special rate for non-profit organizations, which allows us to obtain a great service at a very reasonable price.
What does Robly not do well?
We would have liked the spam filters to determine where the email would have gone to junk mail. We would like to have double footers as options for companies like ours that have several physical addresses to send emails. Better compliance of the tabs and presence in social networks.
What do you wish you had known about Robly before using?
Easy to use. We changed Robly from Constant Contact, and found it much more intuitive.Reports. At a glance, we can see how effective our campaigns have been.I do not have much experience with HTML, but I can create attractive emails using the tools provided by Robly.The price is good! Our nonprofit organization saved money by switching from Constant Contact to Robly.
Have you used a competitor to Robly? If so, how does it compare?
Initially we made the transition from Constant Contact to Robly as a way to reduce costs. They were aggressive in reaching us and offering us a new offer for the client. It turned out that they had some patents pending for OpenGen and later, "AI Sending", advantages that the competition failed to capture from the beginning. We would have liked the offer to also include a measure of whether the emails are likely to be sent to SPAM or not. We love the 6 mobile response templates they have. I wish they had more! The subscription rate is correct and the support is excellent, as it is a smaller team and remains private and very affordable.