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Review of Zoho Social

Juan guillermo Vestweber Rincones

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Overall Experience
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What does Zoho Social do well?
We found this useful tool that allows us to manage the social networks of our clients and their own from a single place. Because social networks became a pillar of marketing and brand positioning, it is impossible to ignore them. To be in a good level of competence it is necessary to have a good plan and follow strategies to achieve it. Zoho Social allows us to carry out a complete follow-up of our brand or that of the clients in one place, you can program mass messages, monitor conversations publishing content at the moment that your audience is most likely to see it, you can segment your publications to meet your audience, plus your team can work on set and so follow a single line that allows growth and reduces mistakes or confusion.
What does Zoho Social not do well?
In the free version you can only analyze one brand and maximum 2 social networks, but it is a good application that you can use if your company is small.
What do you wish you had known about Zoho Social before using?
For you to be successful using this tool you must have experience in managing social networks so that your content has real impact for this the product zoho social is ideal to start it seems important to do constant research to improve our management of social networks.
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