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Review of eReleases


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Overall Experience
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What does the software or service do well?
SCAM CUSTOMERS. Promising that "pigs will fly"
What does the software or service not do well?
Absolutely unacceptable discrepancy between what is false advertised and what kind of reach is really provided - the stats of press/media views on the release are beyond terrible! eReleases gets paid for the reach, and what reach they provided is absolutely laughable. You cannot advertise yourself as promoting press release to thousands upon of thousands of people, and then provide BARELY ANY release views! Especially, given the most extensive and expensive packet was chosen for distribution, after the consultation and promises of how incredible reach they have! In no way charging hundreds of dollars and promising the reach of thousands upon thousands of people and not getting a single feature out of it can be considered a decent promotion. $649 paid. NOT A SINGLE LINK BACK back from any site or outlet. Not even some local news that nobody even reads. Nothing. Zero. All that thanks to the nonexistent reach that they failed to provide! Second thing. Trying to quickly upsell additional services when not even a day has passed from your original purchase, and none of your questions has been answered? Totally unprofessional. Third thing. Even when you buy the most expensive packet, you will be asked for an additional $150 for putting 2 pictures into press release - which is again laughable. Otherwise good luck with your press photos being posted as links.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
That they are just another SCAM company, not worth a single penny. We are using multiple sites for promoting our artists, and some of them get better results some of them get worse results - which is something natural and realistic. We are not expecting miracles. What eReleases provided is though and total and utter scam.