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Review of Cisco Webex Meetings


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What does Cisco Webex Meetings do well?
This Cisco software offers one of the best ways to connect to set up meetings since it provides an excellent experience when implementing it and this is because the connection is extremely stable so that in our office each colleague uses Cisco Webex to connect to meetings with staff or some contact from other countries and this is thanks to the fact that with this tool access can be done without problems to all countries, regardless of location. And they also provide a web application, as well as a web extension that makes meetings easier than ever.
What does Cisco Webex Meetings not do well?
You must have a good internet network because otherwise the connection from the web can be slow, which becomes annoying when communicating because you do not listen well to the other person.
What do you wish you had known about Cisco Webex Meetings before using?
It would be ideal that both the website and its application could perform in the same way since sometimes from its website the service can be somewhat slow.
Have you used a competitor to Cisco Webex Meetings? If so, how does it compare?
Compared to other software, there are very few deficiencies that this tool has, so it does not matter where you are with whom you want to set up a meeting, it can be done very smoothly between both parties, besides it is not necessary to be in a office to implement it and this is thanks to that also has an application that provides the same functions.