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Review of Sendinblue

Juan guillermo Vestweber Rincones

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does SendInBlue do well?
SendinBlue is positioned as an alternative to other email marketing with a very similar position. Its ergonomic design gives you nothing to complain about and functional coverage is decent: the mass mailing of emails, SMS, email response editor, workflow creation to automate your communication Easily create effective newsletters Segment your audience without limits Analyze and optimize your campaigns Automate your emails with your visual manager Visual sales funnels Retargeting 8 scenarios templates lists Send at the best time automatically Real-time statistics Heat maps Insert countdown in emails Free plan with unlimited contacts and 300 emails / day Connection with CRM and other apps.
What does SendInBlue not do well?
The only disadvantage I get to see is that it is little known compared to other email marketing.
What do you wish you had known about SendInBlue before using?
It is important to have and know a list of contacts that allows you to reach the campaigns at your clients or potential clients.
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