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Review of Paperless Pipeline

Shayla Body

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Overall Experience
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What does Paperless Pipeline do well?
It is a relatively easy to use software and a great way to get agents to keep all of their paperwork in one easily accessible place. Getting everyone on board with using it was a relatively easy process and it's allowed us to be 100% paperless with our transactions, as well as the ability to answer problem calls (seldom though they are) from a brokerage standpoint because we have all the information with just a few clicks.
What does Paperless Pipeline not do well?
It's not as easily customizable as one would hope for a product like this. We would really love more customization ability for specific fields that we want more information in, as well as customization of the notifications to agents (i.e. paperwork due, frequency of the emails, etc). And the CDF option is extremely expensive and not easy to use, so we've had to use rather antiquated means for this step. It would be awesome if there were a better CDF option that was integrative and again, customizable to the extent we need. Real estate is such an exception-type business, so customization is crucial.
What do you wish you had known about Paperless Pipeline before using?
How little we would be able to change setup, features, etc. CUSTOMIZATION.
Have you used a competitor to Paperless Pipeline? If so, how does it compare?
Not yet, but we are looking into alternatives that would be more comprehensive and integrative with our processes.
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