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Review of OneDrive for Business


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What does OneDrive for Business do well?
Its an effective knowledge management tool kust like Google Drive/DropBox. It's being used for collaborating documents, circulating documents. It allows our team to synchronize their work to our cloud storage, collaborate in real-time, share links to documents rather than send attachments and track changes, and control permissions to individual folders or documents to allow for collaboration with external partners as well as restrict access based on roles internally. OneDrive keeps things in sync fairly quickly and without consuming a lot of system resources. It can be accessed on Phone, tablet, PC with proper syncing. It also has an auto save functionality which keeps your content safe.
What does OneDrive for Business not do well?
Sometimes files show up for some people and not for others. If this is a connectivity issue, they should still be present in the folder but maybe be marked as grey to show that they are still uploading. While not unique to OneDrive, storage limits on free personal accounts are slim, requiring a paid subscription for larger storage tiers. To synchronize your files from OneDrive to your computer you need to have enough space on your hard drive.
What do you wish you had known about OneDrive for Business before using?
OneDrive adapts to all scenarios, it is a very powerful, robust and easy to use tool. It is functional for large, medium and small businesses. OneDrive is great in a high-bandwidth, corporate environment. Although I do access it from my mobile device it is a bit difficult to determine how to move files and if saved, to determine where a file is saved. It fairly works at an enterprise level system.
Have you used a competitor to OneDrive for Business? If so, how does it compare?
Competitors such as Google Drive, DropBox. Onedrive allows integration with all microsoft products.