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Review of Autoptimize


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Overall Experience
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What does Autoptimize do well?
Autoptimize works straight out of the box. If your Wordpress website is getting sluggish, you can add this plugin and click activate and see measurable improvements. You can also dig into the settings to fine-tune as well.
What does Autoptimize not do well?
Nothing that I'm aware of.
What do you wish you had known about Autoptimize before using?
There are countless plugins for every task on Wordpress; it's such an extensive ecosystem. I guess that I kissed too many frogs before I narrowed my choices down. I think that the only thing I wish I knew is that there are three-speed optimisation plugins that are the best, and Autoptimize is one of them.
Have you used a competitor to Autoptimize? If so, how does it compare?
I've used dozens of optimisation plugins, and over the years have whittled it down to three. Some competitors have extra features but are harder to configure. Adding Autoptimize is a quick and easy win for any website.