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Review of Trello


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Overall Experience
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What does Trello do well?
The best thing about Trello is that you can use it not only for your work but also for your day-to-day planning. With this product you can work as a team through blackboards, in which each member can collaborate in real time, when a member of the team makes a change in the project or in the task is immediately reflected on the board to be seen by the rest of the team members. You can assign tasks to each of the members through an individual card, you can comment to know what each one thinks, it also includes notifications through email and also through the activity log that is kept updated of the latest developments , date of completion, attach documentation, images and videos. I think that as a project manager it is a valuable tool that can help you improve your company completely.
What does Trello not do well?
With this tool it is difficult to find a disadvantage because it is really great I could only say that a confirmation email is needed to create the user, notifications of updates do not arrive and a reasonable time is needed to adapt to the environment and understand the different functions that We find ourselves but none of this is decisive, I repeat that it is a very good product.
What do you wish you had known about Trello before using?
This product can present a learning curve in which you just have to define your work teams well and thus get the most out of the tool.
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