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Review of Google Analytics

Rajat Sharma

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What does Google Analytics do well?
Its a web analytic solution provided by Google. Google Analytics is being used to track site traffic, overall engagement on the site, key events that happen all with an aim toward understanding user base and what is working and not working on our site and efforts to increase traffic and engagement. It helps to see conversion rate metrics. It gives you a powerful dashboard and filtered by geography, landing pages, campaigns and traffic source.
What does Google Analytics not do well?
The Google Analytics interface is complex, hence finding information is quite complex, as it contains many parameters on screen to work upon. There is little effort made to provide context, and so one must draw their own conclusions to drive actions. If you have a large amount of data, it sometimes get difficult to filter the data and see appropriate results.
What do you wish you had known about Google Analytics before using?
Google Analytics is a tool used by eCommerce companies who need accurate measurements and are concerned with converting leads and sales. Perfect for tracking marketing strategies, understanding where visitors of your site are from, what time of day they visit your site, and what pages they frequently visit. Hence well suited for Website Analysis. It can be used on a website or a mobile app.
Have you used a competitor to Google Analytics? If so, how does it compare?