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Review of Kronos Workforce Central Payroll

Chris Devers

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Kronos Workforce Central Payroll do well?
What I like most is its excellent design; or for users and allows for editions that are much easier than expected. The approval by all the departments that use it is very high due to the flexibility it offers to approve from any place and time that is needed
What does Kronos Workforce Central Payroll not do well?
When trying to find something that upsets me I realize that I am completely satisfied with the service provided by the product due to its excellent administration of documents in the company we have been able to improve the presentation and delivery of projects, so we are very satisfied.
What do you wish you had known about Kronos Workforce Central Payroll before using?
I recommend it to anyone who needs information about this tool because the resources it provides are fantastic and have been very helpful in facilitating access to resources and customer service as we have never done before. Your community is excellent and allows others to ask questions to be answered by someone faster
Have you used a competitor to Kronos Workforce Central Payroll? If so, how does it compare?
In our company we use in many departments to be able to calculate the correct hours of work done and keep a much more organized control than we had before the installation of this product.
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