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Review of AVG Internet Security

Rajat Sharma

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What does AVG Internet Security do well?
AVG Internet Security is a Malware security tool that helps protect personal and private files through hacker attacks protection and payment security. It protects from malicious viruses that damage our computers, email and the web application. It also protects any USB, pendrives and other external device It helps in the protection of privacy of any private documents, files, photos etc. You can download it in Web and mobile phone too and its easy to install also It also helps you to repair damaged files and discards malicious files
What does AVG Internet Security not do well?
Professional Version of Software needs to be bought and its not free of cost. There are many extra features available which always come with the paid version of software. Sometimes, through regular ads, they try to superimpose more extra softwares which becomes difficult to manage. Its too much dependent on resource.
What do you wish you had known about AVG Internet Security before using?
AVG has given me solid protection for an affordable price, and makes it easy to manage my home systems through their export and import settings feature, which covers every part of the software. Keeps my entire information safe and sound without any hassle. It offers strong protection to users, computers from malicious viruses and keeps a deep check on it.
Have you used a competitor to AVG Internet Security? If so, how does it compare?
Mc Afee, Norton Antivirus are one of few competitors relating to AVG Internet Security.