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Review of OneNote

Dr. Jonathan Group, R.D., D.C.

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does OneNote do well?
I love using OneNote to keep all my notes across multiple devices. I was always a Windows guy until I started working at a new job that issued me a MacBook. I now prefer Apple and I was able to get OneNote and it works seamlessly across all my Apple and Windows devices. Easy to use and syncs so I can pull up the latest info on any device -that is the main thing it does well
What does OneNote not do well?
Sometimes there are syncing errors or you have to login to your Microsoft account again even though it is saved in the system. The search function is good but searching keywords doesn't bring you directly to the word you searched for, rather it only brings you to the document in which that keyword is found. Then you have to search through that note to find your keyword. It would be nice if the search results would take you right to the exact spot of the work within the note. It also takes a little too long to load when starting the program
What do you wish you had known about OneNote before using?
It was part of the Office Suite for many years and it is a welcome replacement to the old notepad. Maybe having some video tutorials pop up to help you get the most out of the use of One Note would have been good to know about but I don't think it is available.
Have you used a competitor to OneNote? If so, how does it compare?
Notepad and Apple Notes - One note is better but the Apple Notes loads much faster