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Review of Nimble

Gintarė Bespalovaitė

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Nimble do well?
Nimble is a wonderful CRM! It works magic with other third party programs like Google Apps, Nimble allows you to seamlessly connect to your email and track all of your important interactions. It automatically pulls up updates all of your social and contact data - makes your life easier without having to do all of that manually. Nimble app allows you to add people to your database with a simple click of a button in any social media platform.
What does Nimble not do well?
There is a limit to emails you can have unless you upgrade your plan and I find it way easier for me to just use another emailing system. There is also a problem of not being able to sync with certain programs I use everyday at my work, like Slack, which I find rather sad as the most important contacts come from there.
What do you wish you had known about Nimble before using?
Nimble is an excellent tool to keep track of new people you meet and potential project team members. It also helps you organize your emails when you need to find something important, if it would be a project you are currently doing or that IT guy who helped you a year ago.