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Review of Box

Anaya Struncova

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Box do well?
I love this software called Box since it is efficient to carry out the administration and organization of files with just drag and drop, so it is easy to use and does not require heavy downloading since it can be run in any browser, it allows You can share files with any user, in addition to that the files and information will always be safe because everything is in the cloud and the best thing is that it gives us the option of choosing who can see our files and manages unlimited business plans.
What does Box not do well?
Box has somewhat high prices, in addition to missing .rar files and that it can be executed quickly in Windows, as well as being able to grant its users a much better management in terms of notifications of files that have been modified.
What do you wish you had known about Box before using?
I would like your plans to be much more accessible since any company could have access to this tool that is quite useful for the admission of both files and emails.
Have you used a competitor to Box ? If so, how does it compare?
Box differs from other software because it offers unlimited plans, has an extremely modern and easy to use interface since to upload or share files we just have to drag and drop, its access is simple and as long as you have a good internet network you can access from anywhere and modify files, the files also have security and allow us to grant permission to those who see them and the best thing is that it is extremely efficient.