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Review of Xcode

Sanjeev Kumar

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Overall Experience
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What does Xcode do well?
Xcode is a very reliable and the best tool to make iOS apps. I am very happy to use it. I liked this software because its easy to make designs of the apps using Storyboards and the Swift programming is also very straightforward as compared to other object oriented programming.
What does Xcode not do well?
It's a little complex to use new users. It aslo crashes very randomly. When i unplugged my phone after installing the app, it crashed. Other than that, I liked everything in Xcode.
What do you wish you had known about Xcode before using?
We should know how the story boards and the constraints work. We should also know the iOS programming before using xcode definitely.
Have you used a competitor to Xcode? If so, how does it compare?
No, i never used any competitor to xcode. Xcode is the best tool to use to make iOS apps.