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Review of Gantter

Anaya Struncova

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Overall Experience
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What does Gantter do well?
Gantter is a very useful tool since it allows us to carry out a monitoring or monitoring of all our projects in a much simpler way and this is because it gives us everything necessary for their development and administration, because by having At the hand Gantt graphics that are widely used in the management or development of projects everything is simplified much faster, also it helps a lot that provides a very clean interface of easy navigation, with very balanced colors, and that at the same time We can establish our resources in a personalized way in each project to evaluate that the costs are necessary.
What does Gantter not do well?
I have not encountered any critical problem in this software, only that it would be ideal that when working with several projects it continues running at the same speed.
What do you wish you had known about Gantter before using?
I believe that this software gives the user everything they need to be sure if this is the software necessary for their business, so I am very pleased with its efficiency, since to provide it, they give a free trial by the hand of the tool that It suits us either with G Suite or Google Drive.
Have you used a competitor to Gantter? If so, how does it compare?
Gantter compared to other software offers extremely accessible plans, so I consider that it can be used by any small company since its costs are not high, in addition it offers a highly compressible and easy to use interface, as well as very optimal tools for creation of projects, their administration and their tracking, which helps to be aware of their progress.