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Review of Adobe Spark

Kristi Porter

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What does Adobe Spark do well?
It is a good tool for creating graphics when you don't have a designer on your team. It helps anyone be a decent designer.
What does Adobe Spark not do well?
It's more limited than Canva as far as options, templates, photos, and free images. I feel like they're trying to catch up to Canva in a lot of ways. Both take some getting used to, though.
What do you wish you had known about Adobe Spark before using?
Canva is the one I always hear about, so I didn't even realize Adobe had a "light" version for a long time. And, being from Adobe, I would've guessed it would be harder to use, and not for lay people.
Have you used a competitor to Adobe Spark ? If so, how does it compare?
I use Canva. I tried Spark, and just didn't like it as much, and felt it was more limited, though it is improving and trying to keep up the pace. I still prefer Canva, though.
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