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Review of PR Newswire

Dan Lobring

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What does PR Newswire do well?
PR Newswire is a go-to resource for PR professionals who wish to blast out a press release to broad swath of outlets in one fell swoop, which includes guaranteed placement.
What does PR Newswire not do well?
PR Newswire doesn't replace personal PR pitching and works best as a SEO tool vs. a PR tool. In fact, many journalists may not pick up a story if it's already been placed online via PR Newswire.
What do you wish you had known about PR Newswire before using?
PR Newswire can be expensive to use, and segmenting the lists will add up quickly in terms of whom will actually receive your press release. Adding visuals, links, logos, etc., also will drive up the pricing.
Have you used a competitor to PR Newswire? If so, how does it compare?
PR Newswire and Businesswire are very comparable tools.
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