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Review of Inkscape

Alberto Graterol Graterol

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Overall Experience
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What does Inkscape do well?
This tool helps you to create advanced designs in an easy and comfortable way you can import data such as Postcript, JPEG, PNG, and export PNG as well as many vector-based formats. It is fully compatible with XML, SVG and CSS standards. It has similar capabilities to Illustrator, the file format is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Supported features include: Shapes, strokes, text markers, clones, mixes of alpha channels Transformations, pattern gradients and clusters. Inkscape also supports: Creative Commons meta-data, editing of nodes, layers, complex operations with strokes vectorization of graphic files in strokes, text alignment, direct XML editing among others. You can create all kinds of vector graphics that not only improve the visualization of your projects but they will help you to make them more understandable by all types of audiences.
What does Inkscape not do well?
The main disadvantage is the low quality of the prints in general is a very useful tool and allows you to achieve good designs.
What do you wish you had known about Inkscape before using?
I believe that the learning curve is the main element to overcome in many cases, it needs to be done through clear, summarized and effective communication, which helps audiences understand ideas, plans or concepts that can sometimes be complex to understand. That is, it requires combining functionality and aesthetics in the graphics.