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Review of SmarterQueue

Veronica Oquendo

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Overall Experience
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What does SmarterQueue do well?
If you want to keep your social media active, this is a great tool for automatically publishing your posts. It gives you a lot of different options, you can A/B test wording, graphics, etc. You can pick the dates and times, put your content into categories, and manage a lot of different profiles from the same place.
What does SmarterQueue not do well?
Some of the things I think have an area of opportunity are 1) the analytics: if I look through my worst performing posts, I'd love to just remove them from my queue right from that page. Instead, I have to take note of those posts then go back to the queue and find them. Double work!.. and 2) when posting videos, for some reason it doesn't let you just publish it and instead you have to save the drafts for each media, and manually send them out. Again, double work.
What do you wish you had known about SmarterQueue before using?
The service addresses our needs as expected, although I do think some of the features could be improved to make it a little more user friendly and save time. Of course, if you want to create real engagement, I advise to make some of the posts manually with quality content. This is just to keep social active, but doesn't actually generate a ton of engagement.
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