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Review of Weebly

Anaya Struncova

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Overall Experience
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What does Weebly do well?
This software does several things well, because it mainly saves time as it provides the simplest way to design websites by simply adding the template of our interest and start editing the page or website quickly to our liking, as it gives us choosing what the page is needed for either business or personal so that the focus of the templates and tools are directed to them specifically, in its menu you can also see that it gives us the characteristic of being able to choose if the site web will be for desktop or mobile so that the page automatically adapts to them, in addition its interface is very organized and clean so that anyone without knowledge is this field may be able to carry out the design of websites and adapting it in the best way your interests is why I think Weebly is a platform that can be useful to carry out the creation of websites quickly regardless of the use that will be given since it contains templates for all types of businesses.
What does Weebly not do well?
Within what Weebly does not do well, it is necessary to modify the website in a more specific way that the modification of the code should be carried out, as well as the fact that its websites are more suitable for companies with small online stores .
What do you wish you had known about Weebly before using?
I would have liked to have a little more knowledge about when you want to migrate the website since carrying out this process may involve losing the positioning of the page
Have you used a competitor to Weebly? If so, how does it compare?
If I have used another similar platform and Weebly has several advantages such as being very intuitive, the one that offers a variety of templates which allows to create or design websites of different approaches, as well as the fact that it saves the hard work of adapting the page either to the mobile or desktop because it does it in an automated way and the best thing is that it allows applications to be added to our page.