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Review of Yesware

Alex Malloy

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Yesware do well?
Yesware helps me in a multitude of ways everyday. I use it to see what my response rates are for each template I make. It shows me when my leads and opps are engaging with my links and attachments.
What does Yesware not do well?
I have noticed that Yesware will say someone opened an email but they happened to just have their browser refresh. That is the only issue I can think of.
What do you wish you had known about Yesware before using?
I wish I know more about templates! Now I am experienced and have high response rates but I really wish I had educated myself on campaigns/templates first.
Have you used a competitor to Yesware? If so, how does it compare?
Salesforce is the only tool I use that comes close to Yesware.
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