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Review of LogMeIn Pro

Tadas Balnys

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does LogMeIn Pro do well?
LogMeIn Pro works on any system. The software is reliable, we haven't had any real issues that weren't handled immediately which eliminates frustration. I have been able to access my desktop worldwide without any issue in the past seven years. We have had it adapted in the office as well, but it was only a short-term situation, as such, I don't feel comfortable talking about the software in a commercial environment, but for personal use it's fantastic.
What does LogMeIn Pro not do well?
Mac to PC can be frustrating. Copy & pasting from remote PC to any Mac can be problematic as the clipboards don't always want to be friendly and sync up and/or pastes in different formatting (adding spaces, removing line breaks, etc.). Also the keyboard mapping can intermittently goes nuts from Mac to PC, requiring a closing and reopening of the remote session. Not impossible, just a bit finicky.
What do you wish you had known about LogMeIn Pro before using?
As with most fantastic software, I wish I had found it faster than I did. They could advertise themselves more so the people not in the know (like myself) would have a far easier time in life!