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Review of Acuity Scheduling

Rachael Wonderlin, MS

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Overall Experience
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Customer Service
What does Acuity Scheduling do well?
I really like Acuity! They've made it easy for potential clients to schedule calls with me on a timeline that works with my calendar. It's really made it easy to share my link and have them schedule without the back and forth "what about this time" conversation.
What does Acuity Scheduling not do well?
Sometimes there's an overlap where someone schedules a call at a bad time, but it's tough to make sure that all my time slots are perfect. I also had to do some learning on their site--it wasn't immediately apparent how to do what I needed to do. Also had to do some "figuring out" when it came to which info box each person saw on their end.
What do you wish you had known about Acuity Scheduling before using?
That I can hook it up to Zoom! I found that out later and it would've been great to know that right from the start.
Have you used a competitor to Acuity Scheduling? If so, how does it compare?
I have not. A lot of people I know use Calendly, but I got started on Acuity and it's been working pretty well for me, so I can't see myself switching to anything else. I like that people can pay through the booking and also link it right to Zoom.
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