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Review of Cisco AMP

Anaya Struncova

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What does Cisco AMP do well?
I like this software because it gives us a protection of endpoints of maximum effectiveness, because it acts from the entrance of these so that it can stop the vulnerability or threat before it reaches its exit point, there is no need to worry Since if our endpoint has already been contaminated, this software isolates it and cleans it and then returns it to its place, this prevents the damage from spreading, also its performance is fast and does not consume much RAM in the equipment so it can be implemented in low resource teams.
What does Cisco AMP not do well?
Its installation on some devices is somewhat rigorous, since it takes more than the expected time.
What do you wish you had known about Cisco AMP before using?
It would be ideal if the installation on any equipment was extremely simple so that it is not necessary to go to your support team, but in general I consider that this software is very complete for the protection of endpoints at the enterprise level.
Have you used a competitor to Cisco AMP? If so, how does it compare?
Unlike other software, it acts from the root, that is, from the entrance, which prevents malware or any threat from moving to its point of arrival, its interface is very simple and intuitive, so that any user may be able to understand It is also able not only to protect endpoints but also to remedy their damages.