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Review of TSheets

Michael Bybee

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does TSheets do well?
TSheets is great for a small business that needs to have Quickbooks online integration as an option to their time tracking software. it being an intuit product the features work hand in hand with Quickbooks and submitting time to QuickBooks is as easy as the touch of a button the notification feature and multiple levels of approval by supervisors allow for an easy payroll process for your payroll processer. no need to chase down employees to get their approval on time now its all done by the time it reaches your desk.
What does TSheets not do well?
about every 3rd user that we add to Tsheets has major issues with logging in the first time to track time this is due to the fact that Intuit uses the same password for any email across all its platforms and that would be fine if it was only QB and other products but the kicker is TurboTax because most users dont remember their password for TT but once a year and so getting them logged in is a nightmare. but the Customer support makes up for any headaches
What do you wish you had known about TSheets before using?
I wish i had known about the issues that arise from turbotax. that first week of integration was a nightmare because ont third of all the users added couldn't get in until mear days before the payroll cuttoff time and some I had to manually enter their time for 1-2 pay periods.
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