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Review of ActionSprout

Paige Staggs-Welch

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does ActionSprout do well?
It makes it easy to curate and post content to your Facebook pages. If you have just been thrown into the social media pool, this is a good way to learn to ease into it. Scheduling and posting become very easy tasks, something you can get done on Monday for the rest of the week.
What does ActionSprout not do well?
Can only control Facebook, no other apps. I wish I had the same platform for Instagram or Twitter, but for now we're able to reach a large audience on Facebook.
What do you wish you had known about ActionSprout before using?
All nonprofits should be using ActionSprout, regardless if you have an established & experienced social media manager. It's incredibly efficient, fun to use, and makes a difference in your online presence. It's easy to learn and will make a difference in your online presence. Because it's such a time saver, I encourage nonprofits to invest in Action Sprout because the money you spend on paper marketing/advertising can be saved and used more efficiently with Action Sprout.