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Review of Better Proposals

Jason Lavis

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Better Proposals do well?
Better Proposals offer plenty of targetted templates that just need simple editing. They're so well written, formatted and illustrated that you can edit and send them fast. I prefer to customise to specific client needs and conversations, but even that is simple when the structure is already in place. When offering a client a proposal, it's tempting to send an email or to close a deal on Skype and send an invoice. The reason is that to create an attractive proposal from scratch could take days. With a Better Proposals template, you can send something that looks like you had a whole team working on it for days, in 1-3 hours.
What does Better Proposals not do well?
I'm not an expert on proposals or proposal software, but I don't see any flaws. Maybe more templates? But I see that this is already happening over time.
What do you wish you had known about Better Proposals before using?
I wish that I'd started using Better Proposals earlier. I was putting off the imagined new software learning curve, but it turned out that there wasn't one. It was like editing a standard Pages/Word/Powerpoint, much easier in fact.