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Review of CallRail

Jason Wolbeck

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does CallRail do well?
We use CallRail for our clients to take attribution tracking to the next level. The UI is user-friendly and the dynamic number pool option is a must for properly sourcing/reporting on calls. CallRail offers a lot of great features that allow you to customize to your needs, including call recording, whisper messages, call flows, transcription and much more. It even has the ability to track all form submissions that happen on your site as well. It integrates directly with many different website and advertising platforms (such as Google Ads) and setup is really quick/easy.
What does CallRail not do well?
Nothing comes to mind. CallRail has always worked well and fit all of our call tracking needs.
What do you wish you had known about CallRail before using?
Wish we would have known more about some of the extra features such as call flows right from the beginning. There are a lot of cool configuration options that can be set up - we didn't start discovering/using them until months into using CallRail
Have you used a competitor to CallRail? If so, how does it compare?