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Review of 99designs

Rachel Staggs

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What does 99designs do well?
99 designs is an awesome website if you are looking for a graphic designer. They create logos, websites, and business cards and help with branding your business.They have entry, mid and top level designers to choose from and different price points to choose from and you can request quotes from multiple designers that way you can negotiate on the price if you need to. One awesome feature is that you can choose to do a design contest and have multiple designers work on your project instead of just choosing one designer. You get to choose the best design for you and work with the winning designer finalize your design exactly like you like it and they will give you all the files that you need for your design for digital use and to print.
What does 99designs not do well?
Nothing it is a great website concept if you need a graphic designer. It helps you find a designer based on your individual needs for a project and you have different options on how you go about choosing a designer and they have different skill set levels.
What do you wish you had known about 99designs before using?
Nothing it is an easy website to use and you get to work closely with the designer to get exactly what you want.