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Review of Kronos Workforce Central Payroll

Brittany (Rabb) Martin, PHRca

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What does Kronos Workforce Central Payroll do well?
Kronos is the cream of the crop when it comes to time and attendance payroll analytics. I have never used a program that more efficiently tracks and puts into practical application historical labor and sales data.
What does Kronos Workforce Central Payroll not do well?
The scheduled reporting isn't that reliable. I often had to re-poll data manually because the scheduled data wasn't populating. The automatic schedule writing is also too literal and doesn't often take into account minimum staffing level, just because sales are low for 15 minutes doesn't mean we can drop down to a single employee.
What do you wish you had known about Kronos Workforce Central Payroll before using?
That it relies and perfectly accurate information. If you're lazy about inputting employee data lie availability it will increase the time you're spending on schedule writing vs being a major time saver.
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